What to do if SIMS 3 Launcher stops working

Runtime errors in SIMS 3 are often reported, and an unidentifiable problem with SIMS 3 Launcher is usually the issue. Sometimes after successful installation of this popular video game, it simply refuses to respond or start. However, if your main interest is running the video game you can use alternative apps that substitute the Launcher hardware. Sometimes a simple right click on the 'shortcut', followed by a click on the 'run' option can undo the error. If all else fails, reinstalling the video game could prove to be effective. Of course if nothing works, there's a good chance the problem comes from the hardware.


I just purchased SIMS 3 and have installed it, but when I try and start the game, this error message is displayed: "Sims 3 launcher has stopped working". I have checked the system requirements and have met them all: Dell Inspiron 5305 w/210GB free space, OS-Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20Ghz, Video Card Intel GMA3100 w/287MB (128mb sys video mem/159mb shard sys mem).

What can I do to correct this error?


  • The launcher poses problem for lots of people.
  • If you just want to play the game and are not worried about the custom content, go to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin (default install *path) and run TS3.exe.
  • This runs the game without the launcher and should get you in without the need of the launcher.
  • If this fails, try right clicking your shortcut and click 'run as admin'. If the problem still occurs and you can't play the game, try a re-install.
  • If that also fails, the problem is probably hardware related.

Thanks to Alex for this tip.

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