W32.Downadup.B Virus

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Infected by "W32.Downadup.B" virus, what can be done?


Get RavAntivirus from Evosla
  • If you have a USB drive, external hard drive, etc., branch them without opening them before running the FIX
  • Make a right click on the file. ZIP> Check in> the Office
  • Just double-click on>> RAV.exe "to launch the tool.
  • Once launched, let the tool perform, it automatically scans all drives (fixed drives and removable)
  • If infection is detected, a log will be established, otherwise the app will display (very fast) ==> Your computer is safe.
  • Take off your removable disk and restart your computer.


Download Flash Disinfector
  • Close all applications (Word, etc.), because explorer.exe will be shut down and restarted (you lose the desktop icons).
  • Connect removable media, start them (external hard drive for example) for those who should, without opening the contents of the workstation.
  • Double-click on Flash_Disinfector.exe.
  • Cleaning is fast, a message informing the end of operations.
  • If a report is generated in case of infection, saving it and post it in the next reply.
  • If there are several USB sticks or external hard drives to disinfect, renew the operation by connecting the keys one by one.

Thanks to pimprenelle27 for this tip.

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