Connected but unable to access web pages

Wireless network has become a popular way to access the internet. A wireless network connection allows you to browse the internet without having any cord connected to your computer system. Sometimes a wireless card connected to the wireless network being broadcasted may not be able to display any web pages. Otherwise stated, a wireless network will say Connected despite not being connected to the internet. This is because there is no connection to the port, Web service (HTTP). The HTTP standard response code like 404 or Not Found signifies that the client is able to communicate with the server but cannot find the page requested.


I can no longer access web pages, but my connection works. I can still send and recieve emails via Outlook, and when I ping it works.

  • Firewalls are disabled.
  • In safe mode with network access, I can access web pages without problems.
  • I tried several antivirus and anti-spyware but nothing seems to solve my problem.


I had the same connection problem: access to many sites but some other would come up with the 404 code. After analysis, the problem seems to come from the fact that there is no connection to port "web service (http)"

  • Under administrator rights
  • With notepad, edit the host file in


  • Keep only the first lines up to the " localhost" section (inclusive) and delete everything else.
  • Save and restart your PC.

It should now be fine.

Thanks to cx22 for this tip.

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