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Windows XP - Repairing the network connection

For users of Windows XP operating system based computers, there are many user-friendly features that will enhance their user experience. One such feature in Windows XP enables the repair of network connections which will definitely add to the user experience. This network connection feature can be repaired manually via options in the Control Panel.The use of Netsh utility with the appropriate command line is also helpful in this regard.

In Windows XP there is a small feature allowing you to repair a network connection. Go to the Network Connections options in Control panel (Control Panel > Network Connections), right click on the network connection you want and choose the repair option.

It is possible to run the same command by using the Netsh utility, with the following command line:

netsh int ip reset c:\ network-connection.log

c:\network-connection.log represents the address of the file in which the report will be stored.

The netsh int ip command allows you to reset the TCP/IP.

With Windows XP Service Pack 2, you can use:

netsh winsock reset catalog

This resets the socket which manages the TCP/IP. This can be used to handle network problems such as browser trouble, IP address related issues, etc.

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