iPhone - Disable DFU mode

DFU or Device Firmware Update is a mode on the iPhone that allows interfacing with iTunes without actually loading the phone's OS.This mode is used mainly to change the firmware on the phone. The DFU mode can, however, be also disabled in the Apple phone depending on the user's requirements. For the procedure to be accomplished, the iPhone must be disconnected from iTunes and it should not be connected to any computer either. Then, with the help of certain keys on the phone, one can exit this mode.


How I can remove the DFU mode on my iPhone (first gen)?


  • To exit DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode you should first quit iTunes.
  • Disconnect your iPhone from your computer and keep pressing Power + Home at the same time (the button on the iPhone at the top to turn it on and the one below the screen) until the apple appears.
  • Then reconnect your iPhone to your computer.
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