What is WebFldrs?

In the Control Panel of computers using the Windows operating system,the WebFldrs application may exist. This may trigger panic among users who are not aware of this application. There is, however, nothing to worry about as WebFldrs is nothing but a functionality of Web Folders. This is a protocol for Windows systems and it is essentially an update to Microsoft's Windows XP. This application can also be uninstalled from the system if the user demands it.

It may happen that you came across an application called Webfldrs XP in your Control Panel.

Do not panic, this is part of 2000/XP Web Folders. Consider it as an implementation of the WebDAV protocol for systems.

Learn more about WebDAV protocol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebDAV

Webfldrs is an update to Windows XP:

Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306)


This download enables you to update the Web Folders component in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Link: http://www.microsoft.com/...

However, to uninstall it, just go to Start Menu/Run, then type:

msiexec /x C:\Windows\System32\webfldrs.msi

To reinstall it just type:

msiexec /i C:\Windows\System32\webfldrs.msi  

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