Machine i686-pc-linux not recognized

When a software is installed under Debian, an error message may appear on the screen when './configure' is typed. When Linux is the operating system, the 'i686-pc-linux' is not recognized. When the building system type is checked, an invalid configuration of 'i686-pc-linux-oldld' gets displayed on the monitor. This leads to a configuration error of '/bin/sh ./config', resulting in the failure of 'i-686-pc-linux-oldld'. To resolve this error, it is necessary to ensure that the compiler tools which are mandatory for Linux operating system are installed in the system. 'apt-get install make g++' is the message code which is displayed upon installation.

During the installation of a software under Debian, after typing ./configure, the below error message is displayed:

checking build system type... Invalid configuration 'i686-pc-linux-oldld': machine 'i686-pc-linux' not recognized   
configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub i686-pc-linux-oldld failed

Verify that you've installed the compiler tools for Linux

apt-get install make g++

It should then be OK.
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