Epson Color 880 printer- all the indicators are blinking

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My Epson 880 color no longer works, all the light are blinking. In the manual it says unknown error contact dealer. I disconnected it, cleaned, changed the heads but I can not reset it.


This procedure works for most Epson Printer:
  • "Ink" is the left button
  • "Paper" is the middle button
  • "Power" is the right one


  • Turn off the printer, making sure the print head is right in its normal position.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer and reconnect after 20 seconds.
  • Keep the buttons "Paper" and "Ink" down and press the power button
  • When the "Paper" light, release all buttons.
  • Press on the button "Ink" until the LED flashes several times (it may take a few seconds) and then release the button
  • The printer will then perform a full reset and start cleaning heads (10 seconds)
  • At the end of the cylce only the "POWER" indicator will be on.