Importing an Excel table into Access

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I would like to automate the import of an Excel table to Access.
A field of writing will give me the path of the excel table and a button will launch the import. I am wondering how I should go about it. What is the code that can allow me to do this?


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  • Open a blank Access database and name it.
  • Select the File menu, then External Data and select Import.
  • In the File Type dialog box opens, select xls and select your Excel file.
  • Your Excel file is probably present in the form of a table: check First row containing column headings.
  • Click the Next button.
  • On the next screen, select option 1 :"Store my data in another table".
  • Excel will ask you to name each column in your table and assign an index (perhaps not to import the particular column): select a column, click on its header. Indexes only the fields you're likely to do some research.
  • Then click "Allow Access to choose the primary key".
  • Name your table and check the box, the wizard analyzes the structure of the table after importing the data.

Thus, if Access often meet the same data, to save resources, it will offer to create linked tables.
Simply follow the instructions to complete the process.

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'>olimix</a> for this tip.....

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