Changing the background image of Grub

April 2018

To change the background image for Grub, which is in the archive /boot/gfxmenu, simply replace it with another image of the same size and same name,

Defaultly named(800*600, back.jpg )
  • Open a console and login as root:

su -  
  • Before any manipulation, make a backup of the original file

cp /boot/gfxmenu /boot/gfxmenu.orig
  • Then create a temporary directory in which it will work:

mkdir/ tmp/temporary
  • And put it in the temporary directory:

  • We extract the archive:

cat /boot/gfxmenu | cpio -i
  • It copies our new image, assuming it is in: /home/your_login/Images

cp -vf /home/your_login/Images/back.jpg /tmp/temporairy 
  • And finally, return the archive in /boot:

find . | cpio -o > /boot/gfxmenu
  • From therer you can delete the temporary directory and reboot to see the result :-)

rm -vfR /tmp/temporary
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