Reset Canon PIXMA MP170 Printer Ink Counter

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If you are experiencing issues with your Canon PIXMA printer, you may want to consider resetting its ink counter. This can be done via a series of button presses.

This tutorial will walk you through the simple process.

How To Reset Ink Counter for Canon PIXMA MP170 Printer

Start by turning off the printer. Press and hold down the button with a red triangle, otherwise described as the stop button. While still pressing the stop button, push and hold down ON/OFF.

While still holding down the ON/OFF button, release the stop button, and press it again rapidly.

Release all of the buttons, until you see the word Idle displayed on the printer screen.

Press the STOP button 5 times, rapidly. Then press the ON/OFF button two times, quickly.

Turn the printer off and start it normally. Your problems should now be solved.

Image: © Canon.
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