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Launch a .exe file from a .bat file


I would like to make a batch file that launches a .exe file that takes a value as input and return an output value.


It will work same as a DOS example

If you type in DOS prompt

dir c:\ >c:\test.txt 
  • dir is the command (or EXE),
  • c:\ is the argument that is passed to the command
  • >c:\test.txt is the output redirection,
    • therefore the result is written in the specified file instead of to the screen.

From there write a batch file with Notepad containing the lines:

dir c:\ >c:\test.txt  
  • Save it in a folder accessible by PATH variable or c:\.
  • Your,exe normally displays the string of characters on the screen.

Thanks to amigo for this tip.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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