Code::Blocks - Unable to compile source code

In programming languages like C ,settings play a very important role in compiling and executing the code. In the absence of proper settings, one may run into errors while compiling source code blocks where several important flags like the debugging flag, warning flags or optimization flags may not be set up properly. In the absence of these flags, it could be very difficult to debug or improve the source code block further. To avoid these types of issues, one should carefully install the recommended settings from 'Settings' menu. Once these settings are in place, you can start building the codes and run them without encountering any ambiguous messages.


I'm using code blocks for my C project. I am using a machine running Windows XP and receive the following three error messages:
  • "This wizard doesn't know how to setup warning flags for this compiler" 
  • "This wizard doesn't know to setup debug flags for this compiler" 
  • "This wizard doesn't know to setup optimization flags for this compiler" 


Go to:
  • 1. Create project
  • 2. "Settings "> "Compiler and debugger"
  • 3. You will see a toolbar named "Toolchain executables"
  • 4. You will see "Compiling installation directory" (marked in blue)
  • 5. Click on "Auto Detect"
  • 6. Once that's done, click on Build and Run
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