Audio CD - Keep the song titles and other data.

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I'm trying to burn an Audio CD. Is it possible to keep the song titles and other data (artist ,length...). Instead of having TRACK 1 - TRACK 2 - TRACK 3 etc. ...


Unfortunately it is impossible:
  • The info on a music track: artist name, album name, date, etc.. are contained in the tags of mp3, ogg, wma or any file type that supports tags.
  • When you burn your files, nero converts it all into a readable file for lounge audio player.
  • This format is recognized by Windows as a .Cda file
  • This is not really "a file" is a coding for CD, and you can't insert text in it (not even change the name of the file).
  • So if you want to burn audio CD, you always lose all information.
  • Otherwise, if you burn the mp3, you'll keep all your tags. Is that still your MP3 player compatible.

Thanks to Lark for this tip.

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