The main process of Ingres (Unix and Windows)

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  • Name server process : iigcn
  • Communications Server process - Ingres/Net : iigcc
  • Transaction Management: dmfrcp (or iidbms (dmfrcp) under Unix/Linux)
  • Archiver recovery process : dmfacp
  • DBMS Server process: iidbms
  • Star Server process: iistar
  • Data Access Server process: iigcd
  • Bridge Server process: iigcb
  • Enterprise Access MSSQL : iigwmssd
  • Enterprise Access Oracle: iigworad
  • Enterprise Access DB2 UDB: iigwudbd
  • ICE (Internet Commerce Enabled) Server Process: i<ital>cesvr </ital>
  • Remote Command Process: rmcmd

Official Ingres documentation