PC Studio & Samsung B5702

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It is not unusual for users to face problems with PC Studio. The problem with synchronizing the message content and phonebook of Samsung B5702 can be solved even if the connection in PC Studio cannot find the phone. The device can only find the USB modem of the Samsung B5702. If users are having trouble connecting through their Bluetooth they should try and connect their device through a cable. If in need of more information and help, users should also refer to the phone's instructions manual.

PC Studio & Samsung B5702


I have a problem with PC Studio and my B5702: I am trying to synchronize the phonebook and messages from my phone so the connection in mobile must be on pc suit; but when I do this PC Studio doesn't find the phone. It finds the Samsung USB modem but I can't connect to the phone then. I don't know what I can do to stop seeing the USB Samsung modem. I want the drivers to verify it as a Samsung mobile so I can see it on PC Studio.


  • If you are having trouble connecting through your Bluetooth device, please consider connecting it through its cable.

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