Pascal Language - Screen management

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Under Pascal Language screen management is done through functions and procedures of the predefined WinCrt unit. That is why in each program, you have to use the WinCrt unit (CRT with Free Pascal)

If by default, the title of a window is the name of the source file starting with its path, to modify it, you must put the predefined variable (Table of 80 characters) into the WinCrt unit:
  • WindowTitle using the procedure of the Strings unit: StrCopy.
  • And to close the window after the execution of the program: DoneWinCrt.
  • To move the cursor, use the GotoXY procedure:

Here is an Example

Program Management;   
Uses WinCrt, Strings;   
     StrCopy(WindowTitle, 'STOCK MANAGEMENT');   
     GotoXY (20, 10); (* row 10 column 20 *)   
     Write ('*');   

Thanks to Zouari Lazhar for this tip.

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