Samsung sgh-f480 usb driver problem

April 2018

If you are having telephony problems with Samsung USB drivers while using Windows 7 and more recently released operating systems, try to install PC Studio's latest version and upgrade the interface live. When you plug-in the mobile phone in the USB slot, a device error occurs: you are advised to swap the port and lookup in the Windows 7 device telephony application. You'll see the mobile with an exclamation mark. This means the mobile is unable to find the installed drivers. So go to the driver's properties and update the driver, then search the driver software. Locate PC Studio and select the folder. As soon as the exclamation mark disappears, your mobile is connected to the PC.

Samsung sgh-f480 usb driver problem


I'm encountering problems with my Samsung usb driver whilst using Windows 7 only...previously I was using XP and Vista and the installation was successful...However now, the connection is not successful when I try to connect to PC studio.


I installed PC Studio 3.2 and also made a full live update for it. It could not find my SGH-U800b. After swapping the USB-slots on the computer I realized that it had some kind of device error. So I opened the Windows 7 device manager and there was the Samsung Mobile Modem with exclamation mark. It could not find the drivers I had just installed. As it turns out there is a quite simple way to remove this and make the whole program function. Right click and press "properties" -> "driver" - tab -> "update driver..." -> select the "Browse my computer for driver software" - option -> now locate the Samsung PC Studio folder and select that exact folder. If you scan the whole computer it can't find the drivers!!! And now this should remove the exclamation mark and you should now be able to connect to the phone. I also have the Windows XP (sp 3) compatibility mode on, but I'm not sure if it's necessary.


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