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You can download all documentation of Ingres on below link:

The list (not exhaustive) guides needed:

Getting Started Guide: Start Guide (for Windows)
Getting Started Guide for Linux: Start Guide for Linux
Summary released: Updates since last release
Connectivity Guide: Guides to connect to Ingres (PHP, Perl, Eclipse, ODBC, Ingres / Net, etc.)
System Administrator Guide: Administrator's Guide System
Database Administrator Guide: Guide for DBA
SQL Reference Guide: SQL Guide compatible with Ingres

Interactive Performance Monitor User Guide: IPM Guide( Used to detect who is connected, Lock sessions, activity log file, etc)

Migration Guide: Guide for migration (From one version to another version of Ingres)


Distributed Option User Guide: Ingres Star Guide (Renamed as Ingres Federated Database)

Replicator User Guide: Guide to Ingres/Replicator (For database stand by)

It is recommended to download the complete Set of Ingres 2006 Documentation which will install all documentation on the menu Windows. Ingres documentation is commonly fairly complete, and includes an index of global search (acrobat) containing many examples.

The main process of Ingres (Unix and Windows)
Starting Ingres : ingstart