MacOS - Link a mail account on to MAIL

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How to link my inbox from a mail account on the default mail client of MacOS (Mail).



  • Account's Information tab:
  • Account Type = Pop or Imap: Make use of Pop. (Choose IMAP if you want the mail to be stored on the server and not repatriated to the Mac).
  • Description = Give a name to the account.
  • Email address: your email address
  • Full Name: the name that you wish to appear at the receiver level.
  • Reception Server :
  • User Name: email address without the "" ,that is the beginning of the email address.
  • Password: the password chosen at the creation of mail account on
  • Mail Server: or preferably the sending server of the ISP.

Server Settings

  • Server Port = 25
  • SSI unchecked
  • Authentication = none

Advanced tab:

  • Port: 110
  • SSL unchecked
  • Authentication: Password

Note that: If you have multiple aliases on the website, there is no need to create an email account for each of them. In Mail, a single account at suffice. All emails will be retrieved.

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