Memory card password

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Memory cards are used to store and share data in various electronic devices such as mobiles, digital cameras etc. The users also have the option of setting up password for memory card to protect the contents of the card from unauthorised access. In the event of password being forgotten, there is no straightforward way to recover it. The password is stored in a system file which needs to be transferred to a personal computer. After transferring this file, one can easily view the password on a Notepad to get access to the card.

Memory card password


I forgot my memory card password; I formatted it twice and now I am battling to get the password.


  • Go to file manager on your mobile
  • In the "Settings" option choose system folders
  • In the "System" folder, there is a file called "MMCSTORE"
  • Send this file to your PC using IR/Bluetooth
  • Open it in notepad
  • The password you need for your memory card is in this file
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