Lenovo laptop wireless switch problem

After formatting a Lenovo laptop, the device drivers of the hardware devices, internal or external, have to be installed. If the device drivers for hardware, such as wireless switch, are not installed, the device may not work. The state of the hardware device when the laptop is being formatted, does not have any bearing on its working after the formatting of the laptop is complete. Installing the correct Lenovo device drivers will solve problems with the wireless switch. The latest versions of the device drivers for the Lenovo can be downloaded from the official website of the company.

Lenovo laptop wireless switch problem


I just recently formatted my laptop and whilse doing it, I kept the wireless switch on and since then my wireless does not work. But I reinstalled the OS once again with the wireless switch off but it still isn't working. I have a Lenovo G430- B3Q laptop. The wireless LED does not light up. Please help me solve it.


Keeping the wireless switch on or off doesn't make any difference while formatting the system. After formatting you need to install drivers on the system compatible to the type of operating system installed.To download the drivers you can refer to the link below from the official Lenovo website:


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