Using my Sony Bravia TV as a second monitor

April 2018

If you have a wide screen like a Sony Bravia TV with HD resolution, it is possible to turn it into a fully functioning monitor to view videos from your laptop computer. You can do so by connecting the right cable, compatible with the hardware configuration and the quality of multimedia output you desire. A VGA cable is a hardware connection cable for a PC. There are two types, male type and female type: one is a receiver and the other a sender. A standard PC screen has a 15-pinned sender VGA cable, which fits into the 15-pinned receiver connector on your laptop computer. Sony Bravia is a High Definition TV, which comes in LCD or LED. The video quality depends on the video card used in your laptop computer.

Using my Sony Bravia TV as a second monitor


Every time I try to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV it says invalid format. I see it when the computer boots up but then it goes blank: how do I change the format?


I have a Bravia KDL-40W3000, which is almost 2 years old, & I've been able to use it as a full HD (1920x1080) monitor on my Dell Inspiron laptop via a VGA cable. It was tricky to get it set up, though, and the 1st VGA cable I tried did not have a full complement of pins and didn't work. Now that I have set it up, every time I connect the laptop it defaults to the full HD resolution. Check which resolutions the video card in your HP can support.


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