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Installing new hardware on a laptop computer is a fairly straightforward task. However, at times, the newly installed hardware may cause problems with the running of the laptop and its device drivers. In Acer laptops, the mouse and keyboard may stop working due to several reasons like the installation of wireless adapters for example. Restarting the Acer laptop computer several times may not solve the problem. It is possible to unfreeze the mouse and keyboard by pressing the function key with the F7 key simultaneously. The Function and F6 key should not be pressed together as it won't solve the problems with the Acer laptop's mouse and keyboard.


I have an Acer laptop and the whole keyboard and mouse locked up when I was trying to install wireless internet on my computer. Then the mouse and keyboard locked up all of a sudden. I shutdown and restarted my Acer laptop a couple times but the mouse and keyboard are still locked. So I need advice on how to unlock the built-in mouse on my laptop and the keyboard.


Actually, you DON'T press Fn and F6 together. I also have a Acer laptop (mini) and my mouse just got stuck today; I tried pressing FN + F6 like someone said above but it didn't work, then I saw a key with a hand icon printed on it (which is F7) so I pressed Fn and F7 together and my mouse unfroze. Hope this helps you (if your problem isn't fixed yet) or anyone else for that matter, who may need help too.


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Jean-François Pillou

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