MS Word not displaying page numbers, images

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Microsoft office software provides an application called Word which allows user to create, save, edit and print documents for further reference and retrieval. One of the main advantages of Word is that it enables you to make changes without retyping the document. Some of the significant features of office software's Word include changing the type and size of the fonts, spell checking, word counting and the generation of other statistics. Documents can be laid out with page numbers, headers and footers. You can also mix graphical images with the text. In some cases the Word application does not display the page numbers and images. To display page numbers and images, uncheck the field codes in the view menu under options.

MS Word not displaying page numbers, images


So far MS Word was working fine. But now it is not showing up images or even page numbers. Can you please let me know why this is happening? How can I bring them back?


  • Go to Tools->Options ->View-> Show - Uncheck (clear) the field codes.


Solved by Sharu

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