Problem Scrolling with Arrow Keys (IE7)

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Keyboard arrow key scrolling is very useful from the user's perspective, as it helps one to navigate in an active screen and thus aids in usage convenience. Sometimes while using web browsers like IE 7, this function may not work, even though it works properly in programs of Microsoft Office software. This can happen if, while using IE 7, one accidentally presses the F7 key. The pressing of this key activates the Caret Browsing. In this circumstance, normal scrolling with arrow keys is not possible.

Problem Scrolling with Arrow Keys (IE7)


Hey everyone, I seem to not be able to use my keyboard arrow keys to scroll up and down on web pages. I know that my arrow keys work (they do in MS Word and other programs), but they don't work here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you are unable to scroll vertically or horizontally using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you may have accidentally enabled Caret Browsing. Caret Browsing is enabled/disabled by pressing F7 and allows you to navigate a web page just as you would in a word processor. A caret appears somewhere in the document and can be moved with the arrow keys and used to select text and click links using only the keyboard.


Solved by dragon-girl

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