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How do I find Word's keyboard shortcuts?

Microsoft Word's keyboard shortcuts are found in the Menu list of the Main Menu. In the Help option of Microsoft Word, grouped according to the function, one can search for shortcuts and keyboard and then select the topic keyboard shortcuts. WD2000 and WD2002 are for knowledge-based shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2000 and 2002 XP version. There is also a Built-In Macro which enables one to print all of the shortcuts, organized alphabetically by command name. In the Tools menu, the option of Macros is selected and then the option Word command is selected. In the Macro list box, List-commands is selected & Run option is clicked. The current menu option is selected from the dialog box, and then the list of shortcuts gets printed.

You can find out your keyboard shortcuts in various different ways.

1- Some keyboard shortcuts are listed next to the items in the main menu (just open menu list and check them out).

2- You can also find shortcuts listed in Microsoft Help (lookup "shortcuts" or "keyboard", then choose the "Keyboard Shortcuts" topic). The Help topics are grouped by function.
Microsoft Knowledge Base: WD2000: Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base: WD2002 (XP): Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2002 (XP)

3- To print a list of all the keyboard shortcuts (about 10 pages, organized alphabetically by command name), Word has a built-in Macro:

a- Choose "Macro" from the Tools menu, then choose "Macros"
b- Select "Word commands" from the list in the Macros in box
c- From the list in the Macro name box, choose "ListCommands"
d- Click "Run"
e- In the List Commands dialog box, click "Current" menu and keyboard settings
f- The Macro will run, generating a document in table form that you can print

N. B.: If you make any changes to shortcut key assignments, the changes would then be included in the printed list of shortcut keys.

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