Apache - Monitoring web traffic in real-time

The usage of the internet is escalating every day and now even more people can have access to the internet regardless of whether they are staying in remote areas. A Web Server is either a software or hardware that delivers the content, which can be accessed through the internet. Apache is an open source public domain Web Server which has been developed by a group of programmers. Apachetop is a useful program which displays the statistics for Apache Web Server in real-time. It shows you the number of requests coming in per second and the number of times the files accessed from the websites by the user. The server output status can be displayed as a command line by launching Apachectl status, which gives a concise report of the status.

There are tools for Apache web server allowing a real-time analysis of the web traffic: log files can be used by specialized software to develop a comprehensive and complete analysis of the traffic.

The output "server-status" can be displayed as a command line, simply by launching the "apachectl status" or "apachectl fullstatus" or online at http://servername/server-status.

For the server status to be accessible, the server must be compiled with mod_status module and its use should be allowed in the configuration file.

However, these methods give too much information to be able to make optimal use of it, especially on servers with a large traffic. There is a tool allowing you to analyze the Apache server traffic in real-time: ApacheTop.

ApacheTop can be downloaded here:
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