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Dos arithmetic


Hello, Is there a way to round () in dos batch scripts?


I was Googling and couldn't resist. A simple for loop would do the job.

(As for getting fractional numbers with DOS, it's possible if you multiply both sides of your equation by ten to the Nth power, then move a decimal in from the right side by N. This would have to be compensated for throughout, as any DOS operations on a fractional number are always rounded down (floor) and "fail". At least it helps when dividing in modular arithmetic.
set num=10.5 
for /f "delims=. tokens=1,2" %%a in ("%num%") do ( 
set num=%%a 
set frac=%%b 
if %frac:~0,1% GEQ 5 set /a num+=1 
echo %num%


Solved by Solved by auvixa

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