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Activate email on the Blackberry 8520

With smart phones like Blackberry offering internet support, one can access email on the go. One of the common FAQs for Blackberry 8520 phones is how to activate emails on them. Activating emails on Blackberry for the first time will require some manual intervention.Firstly, one has to get in touch with the service provider to be granted with internet access. Once that has been confirmed, the user has to create an email or add an account and then follow the checklist. After all this, emails will be activated on the Blackberry 8520.

To activate email on the Blackberry 8520 you must first:
  • Activate the email and Internet options (contact your mobile service provider directly from its website) - very important to be able to use messaging services.
  • On your device: go to options/advanced settings/host routing table/register now
  • Blackberry will save your terminal and wait for confirmation

When you have received confirmation of registration from your mobile service provider:
  • Go to configurations - installation wizard - email setup - choose "I want to create or add an e-mail" and then follow the instructions.
  • If the device does not synchronize with your email or MSN go directly to the website of your mobile operator.
  • Click on "configure my mobile to receive my mail" - click on "If you have a BlackBerry mobile" - settings - click on Create a new account - I agree - and then enter the PIN code and IMEI terminal on your Blackberry and follow the instructions.
  • Normally your operator will give you the steps for the configuration.
  • When you have created your account, go over and click on the service directory and unlock all the services that you can access with your phone.

Thanks to Toye for this tip

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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