iPhone - Transfer contacts from an old SIM card

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The iPhone, produced by Apple, is one of the pioneering products in the league of smart phones. The iPhone comes loaded with features to offer an amazing user experience. Users of this smart phone can easily transfer contacts from an old SIM card, before switching on to a new SIM card. No manual transfer of SIM contacts is required. One can do this seamlessly through the settings options that feature on the home page of the iPhone. Through this, one can access Import SIM Contacts which is required to carry out the procedure.


I have a little problem with my iPhone - I cannot transfer my contacts (from an old SIM card) over without having to add them manually.


  • On the home page of your iPhone, click on the Settings icon
  • Go to Mail/Contacts/Calendars
  • Scroll down and you will get the "Import SIM Contacts" option
  • Start importing your contacts and once it is done, simply change your SIM card

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