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The use of Tablet PCs in a business environment!


Popularized by the release of the iPad, will the Touch pads fit to a professional use? If we base ourself on the forthcoming release of nearly a dozen new models,boasting new outsatnding features, the adoption of this tool is quite on track with the pros. But in reality, does the Tablet PCs possess the necessary characteristics to meet the needs of professionals? Here are some clues for the Gartner institute, which has conducted a survey, about this matter!

Does the Tablet PC has it's place in a company?

Doubts about any productivity gains associated with touch technology

In a study published last april, the Gartner institute predicts a bright future for consumer PCs equipped with tactile interfaces,by year 2015. According to Gartner, 50% of the devices sold would be equipped with the touch techonology, supported by some powerful multimedia applications (ebooks, movies, games) ...

But this current trend will not be applicable in a professional context: only 10% of computers shipped to enterprises will sport a touch interface by 2015.

Why there's a such gap between normal consumers and professionals? Everything is a matter culture and use. According to Gartner: the claimed "productivity gains promised by the diversification of touchscreen terminals will take time to convince the professionals."

The lack of keyboard-mouse: a cultural constraint to the adoption of touch technology?

Gartner also found in its study that one of the major obstacles to the adoption of touchscreen terminals, lies in the working habits inherited from the use of keyboard/mouse. As the work standards require the integration of large volumes of data by the user, the keyboard-mouse combination is far more efficient.

But Gartner also prompted that "employees are gradually driving change by gradually introducing their own touch equipment in the professional sphere, that is the case for iPhone that meets both professional and personal uses.

Lenovo doesn't believe in the pure touch technology for professionals

Earlier this year, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, who has positionned itself on the hybrid Tablet PC market, has anticipated somewhat the results of the study from Gartner which doesn't believe in the future Tablet PC on the corporate market.

By analyzing the request/demands from its business customers, Lenovo noted that they absolutely wanted to have a physical keyboard on their device. Defacto manufacturer, specialized itself in top-end hybrid equipments for the pros, combining portability, features and tactile keyboard that meets the needs of the coporate market!

The "uses" of the touch technology: statistical analysis

The specific use of Tablet PC is already well established in some professional sectors and it should open up gradually to new categories.This is the case for statistical analysis, where the use touch applications provides more flexibility.

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