Windows - Can not delete file: access denied

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I have recently installed Quicktime and since then I've got the "hello" folder containing "mdnsDSP.dll and mdnsresponder" files, settle in my Program Files.

When I try to delete this folder, it prompts me with the following error message:"Access Denied".


The problem may be due to some administrative rights.
  • Open Explorer.
  • Tools.
  • Folder Options ...
  • View Tab.
  • Down in the list uncheck "Use simple file sharing (recommended)".
  • Right click on the folder or file for which you do not have access, "Properties".
    • Security tab.
    • Advanced Settings.
    • "Owner" tab..
    • Select User.
    • Check the following option: "Replace owner on sub containers and objects".
    • Click on "Apply".

Try to delete the file again!

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