Windows XP - Using a custom video as screen saver?

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How to make a custom screen saver, from a video track?
  • First of all, the common video formats (mpeg,flv...) can't be used as screensavers as such, you must get a file with the .scr extension in order to use it as screen saver.
  • Download:Audio/Video To Exe
  • Install and run the application. Choose a video stored on your hard drive (for example a clip of your favorite singer) and convert it.
  • Your video will go from clip.wmv to clip.exe.
  • Now rename this file with the .scr extension like this: clip.scr
  • Now go to your Windows> System 32
  • Copy/paste your clip.scr file
  • Right click on the file and choose "Install".
  • And from now on, your custom clip can be used serves as a screen saver!

Thanks to Digital poupre for this tip.

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