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How to search for images with Google

Google is a powerful search engine that can do image searches as well. Initially, search engines were designed to make searches on text contents but with the development of technology, they have been able to extend their searches for images, videos, and other multimedia content. With the increase in the use of graphic designing software, creating good quality images became a lot easier than it was before. Today, images have a widespread presence on the internet. Google allows user to search for a particular image available on the internet in a matter of a few seconds.

Initially, websites and webpages were made to contain text and with time and a real evolution in the codes and development of the web, internet users and website creators were able to insert images, videos, animation and other various contents.

With the development of graphic designing tools like Photoshop or Aftereffects, people were able to create high resolution images of very good quality within their website space. These images are either used for illustrating their work, to make up an art/picture gallery within one's blog or simply to add a little bit of fancy to a web space. If you wish to find a particular image on the web without having to look through hundreds of other websites, Google provides you with a simple tool that can solve this issue in less than 2 seconds; Google Images!

How does it work?

Images that are inserted in a webpage can contain a tag, a caption, a description or simply a title. While making a query about an image, these tags/captions/descriptions/title will be browsed for by Google, and the results matching the queried words will be displayed.


If you are looking for an image to illustrate this article, the best one to look for will be based on Google (why not the Google logo?). Thus, go to the Google homepage, www.google.com and choose the "Images" tab found in the top left corner of the window. Once done, you will see that the display of the window will be altered to include the Google Image Search logo, in addition to the "Advanced search image" and "Preferences" on the right side of the searching field. All you have to do now is to enter "Google image search logo" in the field provided for this intent.

What are the advantages of Google Image Search?

There are many advantages to it. First of all, if some tags do not match your search or if the wrong tabs have been given to the images that you are looking for, you will still have the thumbnails displayed so you will have a preview of the image that you will save to your computer.

Also, you can search for the images that you need in terms of size. This feature is found just below the search field on your left. You can also look for them in terms of content.

The "Advanced Image Search" feature allows you to pinpoint your queries in terms of Related words, Content types, size, Filetypes, Color, Domain and SafeSearch.


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