No sound/audio from web browser?

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Multimedia has become an integral part of the internet as more and more users are getting hooked to audio and video websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, etc. If there is no sound coming from the web-browser when visiting such websites, the issue could come from the settings of the web-browser being used. One way to rectify the problem is to install the latest plug-ins like Flash etc. and check for the settings of the browser. Installing the k-lite codec pack can help solve the web-browser's audio issue. K-lite codec pack can be downloaded for free and easily used to rectify the no sound from web-browser issue.

No sound/audio from the (any) web browser?


One day I opened my browser and went on to YouTube, but no sound or audio was coming out. I then tested my drivers and they were working properly. I also tested the audio and video in the computer and they were also working. The sound is only not working in my web browser.


  • Delete all the cookies and the temp files from the browsers.
  • Try installing the latest flash player. If the problem still exists then try installing the k-lite codec pack.
  • Click on the below link;
  • Install it and then go to: Start > Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > Codec Tweak Tool.
  • Then check the checkbox next to [Registry] Fix non-working system sound and click on next.


Solved by jack4rall

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