How to change language on my Blackberry?

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The BlackBerry 8700 mobile telephony device can support languages other than English such as French. To change the language on the Blackberry 8700, "Multi-language handheld software" is required. The Multi-language handheld software can be downloaded from the internet for the particular model of Blackberry and installed. After installing the Multi-language handheld software, the language on the Blackberry can be changed.


I have a Blackberry 8700 but all functions/features are in French and I want to put it back in English!
I've tried to go in Menu/Settings/Setup Wizard/Setup Terminal/ Language...But actually English is not in the list of languages.

What can be done?


From the "BlackBerry Dektop Manager" download and install the "Multi-language handheld software" for your phone (depending on the model).

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