Orange - Hide my phone number with livebox (fr)

April 2018


I'm using an unlimited telephony package with the Livebox .How hide my phone number?


There are two ways to hide your number, when calling someone:

Call by Call

To do this, simply dial 831 before entering phone number

Example when calling the 01 58 88 ....
  • Without the code: 01 58 88 ...
  • With the the 831 prefix: 831 01 58 88 .... The 831 prefix does not change the price rate of the call.

The use of the "Call by Call" service is free.

Permanent solution

You can choose to hide your number for all your calls. To do this, simply activate this service from the voice portal (800 ),from your handset.
To configure the "Hidden number option " from the handset, simply proceed as follows.
  • To activate the option: *260*
  • To disable thus option: *261*
  • To check the status of service (if it is enable or not): *262*

These codes must be entered as a normal phone number on your handset, through the voice portal.
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