How to reset a BlackBerry

Resetting your BlackBerry


A BlackBerry, like any mobile phone is prone bugs, malfunctions or errors.

  • Apps not responding
  • Erratic network connection
  • Error codes
  • Unable to transfer files via Bluetooth.


Here's the procedure to perform a "Soft" or "Hard Reset" on your BlackBerry


Make a backup of all your applications and data before resetting your BlackBerry.
Use the Backup and Restore tool provided with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager app.

Soft Reset

If you are unable to sync your BlackBerry with your PC (device not detected), then you can make use of the following key combination to perform a soft reset:

  • Press ALT+DELETE+RIGHT SHIFT simultaneously.
  • The screen will go blank and the device will boot normally.

Hard Reset

  • You can perform hard reset when your applications/device are not working properly.
  • This is achieved using the same key combination as above:
  • But this time you will have to use it twice.
  • The screen will go blank and the device will boot.
  • Immediately press ALT+DELETE+RIGHT SHIFT, you should get a blank screen followed by an hour glass.
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