Using your iPhone and iPod Touch as a USB flash drive

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Some time ago use of iPhone and iTouch as a USB flash drive, seemed impossible,but only through from Applicataion fromthe iTunes Store, in conjunction with a third party software.

But now that Jailbreak is legal in the US (for now) it is possible to perform such feat, with no additional software.


  • A jailbreaked iPhone or iPod Touch
  • USB Drive via Cydia:
    • The site must be accessed from the device!


USB Device Drive creates partitions on the device which are then used as free space.

Once installed.
The three modes available:
  • Drive + iTunes: Support the use with iTunes and the use of the device as a pendrive.
  • Default: Normal mode (Device is not used as USB key).
  • Drive only: Only USB flash drive mode (no connection to iTunes).

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