Local Internet Connection 2 is working but no web access

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Internet access or Web access is a service which gives access to the global system of inter-connected computer networks known as the internet. A Local area network (LAN) provides networking capability to a group of computer systems in a close proximity to each other. If you are unable to access the web even though the local internet connection 2 is working, you need to enter the command ipconfig/all in the command prompt. This command is used to find your IP address, Subnet mask and default gateway. If you are working on Internet Explorer, make sure that all the options are unchecked in the LAN settings. If you are using FireFox, select the No Proxy option in the Advanced settings.


I just put up a post saying I needed help installing an Ethernet Controller and fixed it. Now I need help fixing an internet problem. It says my Local Internet Connection 2 is working, and so is my Internet Connection, but I cannot get on the web. Please help.


  • Click on Start --> Run --> type cmd, click on OK. Now enter this command:

ipconfig/all and press enter.
  • Make sure that IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers are having addresses.
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Right click on "Internet Explorer" icon---->Click on "Properties"---> Click on
  • "Connections" tab-->Click on LAN settings button. In the window uncheck all options, if you notice any option selected.
  • Firefox:
  • In Firefox, Click on Tools-->Options--->Advanced--->Settings---> select "No proxy" option and click on OK.


Solved by jack4rall
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