Format cell with text and number

April 2018

Format cell with text and number


I want to format certain cell into first letter "alpha" then dash (i.e. "-") and then three digit number.
Example: A-001,
if I am entering data into a cell I will type as a001 the result should be a-001 in the cell. Can anybody help me in this regard?


  • This Thing Possible On Other Cell..... Not The Same Cell
  • If You Type A001 In Cell (A1) Then You Will Auto Get The Answer A-001 On Other Cell Where You Type The Formula.... Suppose You Have Typed A001 In Cell (A1)
  • You Have To Type The Formula On Cell (A2)
  • Here Is The Formula: =LEFT(A1,1)&"-"&RIGHT(A1,3)
  • Then You Will Get The Answer A-001 On Cell (A2)


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