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Installing and configuring RIS server 2008

If RIS Services are to be configured in the Windows 2008 server, a step-by-step procedure needs to be followed. After installing a Windows 2008 server, Static IP needs to be assigned. The DNS server and Active directory need to be installed using the 'dcpromo' command after which 'Dhcp' server must be installed. Windows Deployment services need to be added from the Control Panel. The user then needs to add the OS in the Administrative tools in the Windows Deployment services by using the CD for the OS to configure the server. When the DVD Rom drive is pointed upon the OS image, the RIS service is ready for completion. Finally, check the installation by using 'boot ROM' enabled workstations or desktop.

Installing and configuring RIS server 2008


I want to configure RIS Services in Windows server 2008. Please tell me the full steps to follow.


  • Install Windows 2008 server
  • Assign Static IP for your server
  • Install Active directory and DNS Server using 'dcpromo' (command)
  • Install Dhcp Server
  • Add Windows Deployment services from Control Panel->Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Add your OS (Vista, Windows 7 not XP) in Administrative Tools->Windows Deployment Services ->configure your server. At this point we need OS dvd (Vista/Windows 7)
  • Point the DVD Rom Drive for OS image
  • After completion RIS is ready
  • Check your installation with bootrom enabled Desktops/workstations


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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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