Laptops - Some precautions to be taken

April 2018

Misconception: A laptop will ultimately fail.
Reality: Do not wait for that to happen.

Most people take little care of their hardware, once they have become familiar to them. Here are some basic tips to greatly improve their lifespan.



  • The portable computer does not have the same cooling system as a standard desktop PC.
  • They are primarily made of plastic, which tends to retain heat instead of dissipating it,
  • They have a small fan, two for the largest models, which are not sufficient to dissipate the heat.
  • They emit the same heat energy than any computer.
  • The air intakes are often blocked.


  • Always use your laptops on a flat surface and preferably elevate it at the air intakes location. Avoid using it on your bed. The overheating of

components will cause degradation of all systems hardware.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight, even the screen cover closed!
  • You can check out the temperatures of the processors: here



  • The laptops do not have the solid metal shell like desktop computers: although lighter, they are more vulnerable.
  • Laptops are made up of the same electronical components (reduced in size and scale) as the desktop computers: these components are not made for transport when they are at work. A small shock can permanently damage these components.
  • Laptops have few replaceable parts.


  • Buy a metallic bag, and avoid these shoulder bags on the exact form of the PC. Also, if you want to stick to bags, backpacks offer a more robust protection without increase in price.
  • Make use of a foam padding.
  • Avoid moving your computer when it is on! The hard drive is a key element of these machines, but also a factor which must you must demonstrate a lot of consideration. Shocks may permanently damage your hard drive!!
  • The liquid crystal: they are as fragile as the rest. Do not place anything on it!
  • If you must move your laptop, put it in standby mode: the hard drive will have much less chance getting damage.

Daily use


  • A laptop computer must not be used in the same way as a desktop computer.
  • The battery wears out.


  • If you make an heavy use of your laptop then its better to look for some cooling solutions. More info on this FAQ:
  • You can also make use of a USB keyboard.
  • As for the battery: DO NOT DISCONNECT IT. The battery will wear out slowly, in a year, you will lose 10% of its capacity, two years, 20% ... but the computer will be protected. The fact is that the battery in addition to its role of power storage has a role in regulating and buffering extra electrical current, thus avoiding that your electronic circuitry is directly exposed to some high voltage.


  • Treat your computer with care. Do not try to open it!
  • These sophisticated machines are not toys.
  • The hardware is always closely linked to Software.
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