Windows XP - Error code: 0xE0000227

The error code 0xE0000227 comes up with Windows XP operating system when initiating the installation process of a sound card. To resolve the issue, it is required to open the Device Manager by going to the control panel and selecting the option 'hardware'. In the 'View' menu of the device manager, the option of 'devices by connection' needs to be selected. Then by right clicking the option 'Microsoft UAA bus driver for HD audio', it is required to disable and uninstall the sound card. After this process is completed, the sound card will function normally without any error messages.


Upon installing the driver for my sound card, I got getting this message: Error code: 0xE0000227


  • Open the device manager (start/control panel/system/ hardware/)
  • In the menu "View" the manager, select "devices by connection"
  • Disable and unistall it by right clicking on "Microsoft UAA bus driver for HD Audio"
  • You can now install the drivers normally and without errors.
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