Office icons disappeared in Programs list

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MicrosoftOffice software with its full features like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint etc. may throw in its share of technical issues. When installed, icons are automatically created for the user's convenience. If, somehow, the icons go missing from the Programs list, they can be restored wherever desired, simply by following specific steps. It is required to go to the Program Files of the respective Drive (usually C:\>) to find the Microsoft Office Folder. All the applications are present under the Office 12 icon. Click the 'Pin to' or 'Create Shortcut' option to retrieve the icons that have disappeared.

Office icons disappeared in Programs list


My Office 2007 icons are all useless now as they have gone missing. The programs still work but I have to access them with new icons I have created. How can these be recreated or repaired when the diagnostics report in Office shows no problems.


I too lost my shortcuts - go to Office, 11, go down the list of all the parts - find the Word, Access application etc. and right click on the program - you can "pin to start menu" or create a shortcut. It worked for me.


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Jean-François Pillou

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