Inserting an animated gif

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Whilst making a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, visuals are often needed to make the presentation more appealing. Images can be inserted in any format in the presentation such as .bmp files or .jpg files. The best part is that an animated file with a .gif extension can also be inserted. It is not difficult to insert an animated graphical format. The user will need to choose and insert a new slide with the option of inserting an image. There are various slides, and not all of them contain images. It is then required to choose the 'Insert image' option and insert the .gif image enabling the successful addition of an animated .gif image.

An animated gift can be inserted in a Powerpoint presentation like any other graphical format (e.g bmp, jpg etc.).

To enable this:
  • Add a new slide that can contain an image
  • Select the option Insert image
  • Insert the GIF file format

Note that:

The GIF will be animated only if it is an animated gif loop and not an animated gif set to run once.

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