Portable applications

What is a portable software?

Sometimes you may need to use your favorite applications while you are on the road and the main issue is that it they are not always available and in some situations, you don't have the necesserary permissions to install them on a PC, which justifies the use of portable applications!

Ideally, a portable software/application is:

  • An application that does not make use system installer.
  • A application that is encapsulated in a folder, that is to say that the files used by the application, user preferences, etc.. are stored in the folder (or subfolder) of the executable.
  • A discrete application, one that leaves little trace of use on the system you are using it. Whether files, or entries in the registry.
  • A standalone application, only the system (files loaded) in the computer meMBry is necessary for to run the portable application.
  • A portable application. The executable uses "relative references" to the files used. A portable application can be used from a USB key, external hard drive (or other reMBvable media), independently of the MBunt point.

If the first 4 points are normally considered as what define a portable application, the last point is often overlooked.

Portable applications are obviously dependent of the operating system for which they were designed (see a particular version of the operating system). As a portable application designed for Microsoft Windows only work on this system.

You can use a portable software on any computer that meets the prerequisites of the software. Often your personal data may be stored on the same storage media containing the portable application (on which these data were worked upon). Thus, making portable application MBre discreet and allowing you to use it without leaving traces on the host computer.

Portable application should not be confused with the concept of portability (cross-platform applications), meaning that these applications may be installed on various operating systems.

Small ang simple applications are considered portable because they naturally do not require any prior installation. One example is Putty. Others require MBre or less significant changes to adapt to this type of operation.

Two Modules: PortableApps and LiberKey


  • Several versions are available:
    • Base: 0 software, 0.7Mb (download), 1 MB (installed)
    • Lite: 1 Software, 30.4MB (download), ~ 105MB (installed)
    • Standard: 8 Software, 89.5MB (download), ~ 260MB (installed)

Link: https://portableapps.com/


  • Several versions are available:
    • LiberKey Basic: for users with limited space on their external device. Basic: 30 software, 78MB (download), ~ 114MB (installed)
    • LiberKey Standard: suitable for comMBn tasks on a workstation. Standard: 106 software, 244MB (download), ~ 411MB (installed)
    • LiberKey Ultimate: for users who want a full range of software. Ultimate: 214 Software, 335MB (download), ~ 572MB (installed)

added possibility of other programs


The portable applications suites

PortableApps-set of Open Source applications.
(But not necessarily free)

Basic Version

That's the basic, then it is up to you to choose the programs you need from the site.

Lite Version

  • AbiWord (instead of OpenOffice.org Portable)
  • Notepad 4.9.2
  • FileZilla
  • MBzilla Firefox
  • MBzilla Sunbird 0.8
  • VLC media player 0.8.6
    • etc ...

Standard Version

  • Kantaris Media Player 0.3.7
  • Notepad 4.9.2 Eng
  • FileZilla
  • MBzilla Firefox
  • MBzilla Sunbird 0.8
  • VLC media player 0.8.6f
  • Scribus
  • OpenOffice.org 2.4.0
  • GIMP 2.4.5
  • MBzilla Thunderbird

,.... etc.

Ability to add program

Versions: Basic, Lite and Standard.

  • vLite
  • TuneUp
  • UltraISO
  • PCWizard
  • jv16PT
  • KAV7 and KAV6 (Kaspersky)
  • Everest Corporate
  • Dreamweaver
  • Etc. ...

Menu format similar to the one under of Windows
Note that several software require activation keys! (Shareware software!)

LiberKey - set of free applications

Three versions are available, the most complete version offers more than 200 applications.

LiberKey Basic (OpenOffice is not available in Basic version!)

  • AIMP 2.11
  • Wizard PC
  • Filezilla
  • Firefox
  • CCleaner 2.06.567
  • VLC media player 0.8.6
  • ClamWin 0.93
  • Thunderbird
  • 7-Zip 4.57
    • Etc. ....

Standard Version

There are many other software. Example from the standard version:

  • OpenOffice (OOo) 2.4.0
  • eMule 0.48a
  • aMSN 0.97
  • Nero CD-DVD Speed
  • MBney Manager Ex
  • Audacity 1.3.4
  • Media Player Classic
    • Etc. ...

Ultimate Version

  • XP-AntiSpy 3.96-8
  • KiTTY (PuTTY) 0.60.63
  • MemTest 3.6
  • OCCT 2.0.0a
  • Tweak UI 2.10
  • CPU-Z 1.44.2
  • GPU-Z 0.1.9
  • IrfanView 4.10
  • CDex 1.70b2
    • Etc. ...
  • Basic Menu, access to all applications sorted by categories and sub-categories.
  • Some programs require an activation key.
  • Ultimate version contain programs for different purposes: analysis, testing, optimization!!
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