HP Keyboard buttons not responding

On occasion, with the HP Pavilion M9365 laptop computer series configured with Windows Vista, after a week or so there is a failure in the effective functioning of the left side options of the internet, email, etc. and the right side option of the CD button. The problem remains the same even when the system is shut down and restarted. It was promised by HP that it would take only 4 minutes for all drivers to start functioning normally, but in vain. The indicator lights go off by themselves, even when the caps lock, num lock & scroll bar are switched on. Recovery manager is used to try and reinstall all the above functions, but again it's of no use. To resolve this, the battery needs to be taken out, followed by pressing the power button for a few seconds and then resetting the motherboard.

HP Keyboard buttons not responding


I have recently bought an HP Pavillion m9365 which uses Vista, but after 1 week the side buttons for email, internet, search etc don't respond (left side of the keyboard) and neither does the CD functions button (on the right side of the keyboard). I have restored it and then they work, but when I shut down and start up the computer, they stop working again. HP said they take around 4 minutes to kick in due to separate drivers, but now they don't work. Also the numlock caps scroll indicator that lights up blue when pressed on keeps disappearing too and I have to keep going into recovery manager to reinstall each time the onscreen caps/num/scroll lock indicator. Please help as I don't know what's causing this - my keyboard is wireless and the volume and sleep buttons do work, but the other side ones simply don't respond when I press my keyboard.


  • Apparently, taking out the battery, pressing the power button for a few seconds, and replacing it will reset the motherboard.


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