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Individuals wishing to download videos often turn to the YouTube website. People working with JavaScript often need or want to have it on DSI too (with the help of hardware). This helps in getting videos and films in the same way television viewers get to see them on their TV sets. According to hardware experts, YouTube normally requires Flash in the place of JavaScript. Since DSI does not contain a Flash file, the user must visit a particular site and download the necessary tools to watch YouTube for example without any trouble.


I want to enable Javascript on Nitendo DSI to be able able to browse certain webpage optimally and also view Youtube videos. Where can I download it?


YouTube needs Flash to work, not JavaScript, but unfortunately, there is no Flash support on the DSI. But JavaScript automatically works on DSI. To watch YouTube, you would need to visit www.dsitube.webs.com and download the software on to an SD Card. A good JavaScript site is www.dsicade.com if you are interested, and it has full DSi support.

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